Who are we?

The Bighorn Heritage ATV Society in an Alberta based ATV society started in May 2002. The idea behind it was to promote and maintain environmentally friendly trails for all users in the Bighorn area. This society is run strictly by volunteers and donations. The first year the members used their ATV’s and old fashioned back breaking work. The trails would also have to stand the test of time. Members have built bridges to keep traffic out of the streams, relocated trails to higher ground, and to raise awareness to look after these trails for all trail users.

The Bighorn Heritage ATV Society are a group of volunteers who are trail stewards promoting responsible use of trails. We do trail maintenance so that we can continue to use the trails. The trails looked after are at the Hummingbird and Bighorn Dam area as these are Prime Protection areas 1 and 2. This #1 area having the highest in Restrictions for summer motorized and #2 area having the next down in Restrictions for summer motorized.

B.H.A.S. works on access management with ALBERTA SUSTAINABLE RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT in order to retain the access level that many ATV enthusiasts currently enjoy in the Bighorn backcountry. As a responsible ATV user it is extremely important to implement proper trail etiquette in order to maintain backcountry access not only for the present day but for the future as well. This etiquette includes staying on the existing trails, keeping away from soft ground (swamps, marshes, mud holes), and using existing bridges or crossing at right angles to waterway embankments.

BHAS is one of the many ATV clubs in Alberta.  Our region is located close to Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.



Dennis Schafer

(403) 729-2524



Keith Backs

Trail Director

Will Paradis

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